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How does the interpreter vetting process work?

At GoSignify we aim to work with only the best freelance interpreters. Interpreters who have applied to appear on the GoSignify platform must pass all of our vetting criteria before receiving their confirmation. The time it takes our vetting team to complete an assessment varies.

  • Identity verification

In an effort to protect client users of the GoSignify Platform, we do our best to verify that interpreters are who they say they are. For Professionally Qualified interpreters we rely on resumes and social media platforms, such as LinkedIn.

  • Credential verification

For federal or state-licensed court interpreters and medical interpreters in the US, we cross-reference your license number (if applicable) and the expiration date to confirm your status. Our team uses public records from official licensing entities in the state and/or privately. Otherwise, for international certifications, such as AIIC, we rely on public databases for confirming your information.

  • Professional fitness

For Professionally Qualified interpreters, we ask that your provide us with copies of your course certifications, resume, and any other supporting documents to assess your ability to complete assignments successfully.

  • Interview

For now, we carry out brief interviews over email and/or phone, and occasionally using Zoom. The interview is how we assess your ability to effectively communicate with clients.

Updated on September 10, 2021

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