• Why do minimum reservation times vary between interpreters?

    Minimum reservation times depend on the interpreter’s professional circumstances. In general, most interpreters abide by a 2-hour minimum. Interpreters for common language pairs, such as Spanish<>English, may require increased reservation minimums due to their skill level and demand for their services, especially during peak times. Interpreters of uncommon or rare…

  • How do I update my rates?

    Update your rates by going to Settings>My Languages and click the 3 stacked points to the right. Choose Edit.

  • How do I update my assignment communications?

    Assignment communications are sent through text message or SMS. Under Settings>Assignment Communications in your profile you can choose: Email Text Both We highly encourage receiving, at a minimum, text messages which notify you of available assignments matching your profile.

  • What is Automatic Invite?

    Our aim is to help you book an interpreter as quickly as possible for your assignment. So, Automatic Invite is turned on by default in GoSignify. Invites are sent to other qualifying interpreters 10 minutes after your initial posting. You can turn it off by clicking the box on the…

  • What is the Cancellation Policy?

    If you cancel an accepted assignment within 24 hours of its scheduled start time, you may be charged the minimum reservation fee set by the interpreter at the Interpreter’s hourly rate. We have this policy because Interpreters are setting aside time and turning down other work in order to help you.  Cancellations may be…

  • How does the interpreter vetting process work?

    At GoSignify we aim to work with only the best freelance interpreters. Interpreters who have applied to appear on the GoSignify platform must pass all of our vetting criteria before receiving their confirmation. The time it takes our vetting team to complete an assessment varies. Identity verification In an effort…

  • What do I get as an interpreter with a subscription to GoSignify?

    Subscriptions are for interpreters who want a leg up on the competition. The subscription turns on features for Ranking higher in search Getting leads first before other interpreters Displaying your specialties on your profile Plus, going forward you’ll get access to exclusive content and new features.

  • How does in-app chat work?

    In-app chat is a real-time system that allows you to participate in a direct conversation with your client. All conversations regarding assignments, per the terms of service, should be communicated through the GoSignify in-app chat. We use our chat for quality control and to help resolve issues should any arise….

  • Setting up your hourly rates and minimums

    Under your Settings you can set your hourly minimums, ranging from 2 to 8 hour minimums. However, sometimes life happens. In an effort to help interpreters maintain great working relationships with their clients, you can bill as little as 1 hour.